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Hey, How’s it going? I’d like to help you create art. Here’s how. Have an art lesson every week right here online. No matter where you are in your abilities, let us take you to the next level. The first step is drawing.

Then make a comic strip. Make a storyboard. Then we’ll draw the pictures for the storyboard. Once the storyboard is in place, that’s when the fun begins. You get to bring in a friend to the lesson and they will help us draw each picture of the storyboard. And you can add another friend and another friend up to four total. And just because they were lucky enough to have you as a friend, the tuition for your friends is paid for, up to three friends. It’s called an animation team.

Once you have the completed pictures, we turn it into a slide show called an animatic.
And then each of your friends, as long as they have a computer with Wi-Fi, they get to create the characters to animate. It’s called project-based learning.

And the project is an Animation! And it starts with drawing. Find a Lesson Opening on the lesson openings page and let’s get started this week!

Online Drawing/Art Lessons

The first step is learning how to draw. We use an iPad and an Apple Pencil. That way you are able to see the drawing as big as possible on your screen. And you can easily follow along by drawing every line. You can use a regular pencil and paper on your end. You will learn how to draw cartoons of humans mostly.

Then before we progress to 3 D, we have to learn some lessons about 2 D. To do that you will use your drawing skills to draw right on your iPad screen. First, we will draw the key frames, which Walt Disney called the extremes for extreme poses. And then you will draw the in-betweens. And then you will be able to see your drawings move.

We will use our drawing skills to develop storyboards. We will learn how to create exciting plots. We will be able to put our drawings in slideshows which are called animatics. Not only are these slide shows a way to showcase your art, but it also helps us with matching the timing to the soundtrack. We will learn how to synchronize lips to words. We will work toward the goal of making an animation. Then after learning the animation concepts in 2 D, we will begin learning 3 D animation. We will be able to use characters that are already designed to perform as the actors in our animations. That way, we will be able to focus on plot and movement.

Our goal will be to complete the finished product so that we can showcase our animation to the world.

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