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Develop Your Talent. Now this is something that I’ve been doing most of my life. When I was a Jr. High Director, during my college years, we organized the whole youth group into three teams:

Film Team

Art Team

Music Team

And it was so cool seeing the kids create these different films, these different song performances and these wonderful cartoons that went along with the topic for the week. It was totally cool.

When I had four sons, I helped them develop their Talent and then I hired the best teachers there were to teach them. And then they formed a band and that was pretty cool. But then with these teachers that we had, we decided to teach the rest of the neighborhood, and the rest of our surrounding area.

And through our company that we founded we’ve been helping people develop their Talent. Now it’s time for you to choose. I’d like you to choose one of these three webpages that are prepared for you.

Film, Animation, Music.

And I will see you there on that webpage.

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