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Let’s Discover Your Talent right now! Now think with me. Do you like to think up stories? Do you like to go to movies? Do you enjoy the drama of thinking of a plot? That might be an indication that you have the talent for…

Film Production

There are a lot of different ways to be involved. It’s not only acting. It’s post– production. It’s editing. It’s writing the script. There’s so much creativity that goes into a film. Maybe you have Talent for…


Let’s do this. Watch me draw a picture in the video above. You’ll see it on the screen. Now you try and draw it. Just take any piece of paper and a pencil and just try to copy what you see there. Now if you can do that and you look at that and you can see, “Hey, I enjoy doing this! I can see that I’m able to do it.”

That’s a pretty good indication that you have a talent for Art, for Animation, for Visual Arts. Maybe it’s…


Now let’s do a test on that right now. OK, listen to me play a note in the video above. And all I want you to do is match the pitch. Now the first time, maybe you sing lower than the note. Are you able to slide up until you end up on the note so that you can match the pitch? Or maybe the first time you sing too high. Are you able to slide down until you match the pitch? As long as you end up on the pitch, it shows that you have an ear.

You may have the talent for music. So whatever it is, if you have the talent for art or film or music, we have a special webpage that is devoted for that. So find the webpage on this website for film, for animation or for music. And we’ll see you there!

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