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You’ve chosen to Display Your Talent! Congratulations. I would like to see one of your comedy sketches if you’ve made one. Or maybe it’s with Art. Maybe you’ve drawn some pictures, put it into a slide show, or maybe it’s an actual animation!

That would be so cool. Whatever it is, I’d like you to send me a link so that we can post it on our YouTube Channel. Or maybe you’ve written a song. Maybe you’ve put a Video to it. Or maybe not, maybe it’s just one frame of the title of your song, but you can hear the whole song. That would be awesome. I’d love to see that and hear that. So whatever it is, we’d like you to do that. So what we want to do is build a community of…

Film Makers





where we can encourage each other, inspire each other to go to the next level and really make a difference, become the leaders in our areas, in our industry, whether it’s Music or Film or Animation. I have made a webpage for your special area of expertise. And here are the three areas, number one, Film, number two, Animation and number three, Music.

So I’d like you to watch my Video on that subject, and then I’d like to watch your Video

Display Your Talent. See me later!

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