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I’m so glad that you found this webpage. It’s on Acting.

Craig: What are you doing?

Ken: Look. I’m doing something really important right now. So let me get back to it.

Craig: Are you wasting your time again?

Ken: Look, I’m really in the middle of a project right now, so let me just get back to it, OK?

Craig: A lot of people don’t know how to act. You don’t know how to act.

Ken: I think I know how to act, all right?

Craig: You don’t know how to act!

Ken: I do too!

Craig: Nope.

Ken: Look, just let me try this and then we’ll see if this works, OK?

Craig: You’re going about this all wrong.

Ken: A lot of people out there have the potential to act.

And if you think that you might have the potential to act or the potential to edit your own videos or the potential to write your own comedy sketches, I want to encourage you to just go to the webpage that says,  lesson Openings. And then find a convenient time that works for you. We’ll see you there. And I do know how to act.

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