Schedule a Lesson
You Can Do It!

Hey, how’s it going? Scheduling your lesson on the TalentZone.Us website is a difficult thing. Just kidding! It’s easy! Watch this. First, choose the lesson you want.

Let’s say, Piano Lessons. Click on it. And then it will automatically guess at what your Time Zone already is. But then it has a drop down arrow so you can change it. So I’m changing it to Pacific Time. OK? Now it shows all the lesson openings that are in your time zone! So you don’t have to do any math or anything. It’s great! Let’s go with the example in the video: Let’s say you want Saturday at 7:30 pm. Just click on it. Press continue. And then just fill in the blanks to register yourself or a family member and wallah! You are ready for the next step!

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