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Imagine that a 7-year-old girl and her mom are at a concert. And during the concert, the little girl has an “Ah-ha!” moment. She turns to her mom, and whispers “I wanna be a singer”.

The next day, her mom enrolls her in Music Lessons. And for the next several years, she develops her musical talent. Everyone who has ever made it really big in music started somewhere. There was that first idea. A lot of people have ideas, but it was the mom who enrolled her in music lessons. You gotta take action.
That’s the back story to the video above. You see her growing up to where she is 12 years old and recording her 1st original song. And then you see her at 16 and she is performing in a concert and she turns to encourage another young girl in the audience to follow her dreams.
What my students and I are communicating in that video is that you have to take action
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Online Piano Lessons

If you try reading the piano lesson descriptions for music teaching studio websites. It all sounds like some content creators who got all their information off Wikipedia and then added some much fluff to their writing to try and give you just want they think you want to hear.

But one thing you will see a mile away: They know nothing about the Piano!! They don’t know what it’s like to be on stage, having the settings ready for the first song.

  • They know nothing about focusing on locking in with the drummer’s rhythm.
  • They know nothing of the experience of taking a brand-new song that you wrote to the recording studio and collaborating with the sound engineer for the best arrangements.
  • They haven’t lived in a music community like LA where people live or die on their ability to show up on time and deliver a great concert to hungry fans.
  • They don’t know what it’s like to be in a university overflowing with talented musicians and deliver the performance that has them all scratching their heads asking, “Why can’t I do that?

What is Our Prime Moto:-

We know where music trends are today. Not just names or Artists and Songs. But the actual chord progressions that are used today, melody patterns, words that are written to be sung. And the marriage of melody and lyrics.

We will prepare you for the real world. You will know not just how to play in a band, but to lead a band. You will learn not only how to play cover songs, but how to write the songs that people cover. You will not just learn how to write a song like it was an assignment, but you will learn how to craft a hook that people want to listen to. Because at TalentZone.Us you learn how to develop your own creativity, your own voice, your own style of expression.

We teach that the only way anyone can learn, and that is from the influence of creative people. You will learn from teachers who have the talent and understand your talent and you need to become your very best. No cookie-cutter artists. No one size fits all. And no automated canned video lessons that are out of date before they are even released. We show you how to do it.

Our teachers are committed to helping people discover their talents, develop their talents and then display their talents to glorify God. We believe that the source of all creativity is our Creator.

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